About Us

The Hospitality Way is a program created in partnership with IGC and 7G Group to help educate and empower the local workforce seeking jobs within this industry. This will be open to candidates with little to no experience and multi-year experience as well to help make a career of this work. The hospitality industry, one of the top four drivers of the New York City economy, employs nearly 450,000 workers from all walks of life and varying skillsets. From 2008 to 2018, the hospitality industry alone contributed to nearly one-fifth of the citywide job gains. Since 2010, In Good Company (IGC), a restaurant and hospitality group born in the Rockaways, Queens, has grown to 5+ venues and 60+ employees, maintaining an everlasting commitment to the development and growth of its employees as they pursue career advancement in and outside of the company. The Rockaway Hotel has recently opened in the Rockaways, Queens to serve as a destination and gathering place for locals and visitors alike. More importantly, the hotel will represent an opportunity to contribute to the revitalization of the local Rockaway economy and create 100+ local jobs that will allow locals to work where they live.

Owner/Operators of IGC, Terence Tubridy and Jeff Brosi, both know how powerful the education process can be for the hospitality industry. “For years we have been training and educating the importance of hospitality and entrepreneurship with our employees. We are now excited to help broaden that message with people who are seeking growth for their own careers. We feel education is a form of empowerment and when you add in hospitality.. it leads to a recipe of success.” The Hospitality Way program is set to openly educate to empower.

The Hospitality Way seeks to provide individuals who are new to the hospitality industry with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the hospitality workforce. This 6-week program begins October 25th, 2021 located at the newly opened Rockaway Hotel. These classes will help differentiate the many job positions and associated skills that comprise the hotel and restaurant business. Guest speakers and leaders of the industry will help make participants feel inspired to enter the hospitality workforce and be ready to complete the interview process and ultimately gain employment at the Rockaway Hotel or other partner hospitality sites. At the end of the 6-week program, The Hospitality Way will be hosting a job fair filled with local businesses looking to make new hires. Applicants can visit TheHospitalityWay.com to learn more about the program and start the application progress.